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James's MIDI Music
MIDI Music-Country-Gospel-Blues-Bluegrass-Dance and Misc MIDIs
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NOTICE! All music on this page is for listening pleasure and
NON PROFIT use only. If any music on this webpage should
not be here, Please let me know and I will remove it
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Sequenced By D W Barnes
Ashokan! Foggy Mountain Breakdown!
Green Sleeves!
Little Maggie!
Over The Rainbow! Red River Valley!
Winter Wonderland!
I Feel Fine! Hey Jude!
Long Tall Sally! Matchbox!
Sequenced By Allan Clapp
Chatanooga Shoeshine!
Silver Threads  And! Neon Moon!
Del Rio Drive!
Round And Round!
Bluemoon Of Kentucky!
Mountain Of Love!
Johnston Rag!
Make It Thru The Nite!
Me And Bobby Mcgee! Wheels!
Spanish Eyes! Loucille!
Bayou Country!
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